Tuesday, 26 January 2010


One of the lovely things about the public/retail spaces in Salts Mill, as I've said before, is the way old and interesting items are scattered through the retail spaces. It softens the brute commercialism and makes it a place to wander and explore as well as to shop...not a museum, not just a shop, not simply a gallery but a mix of all three. It means that every time you visit you can find something you've never noticed before. For example, this antique masquerading as a bookshelf.... it looks like an old dressing-table and, as such, is probably not original to the mill or connected with the Salts family (though who knows? Maybe Lady Caroline Salt brushed her hair in front of this mirror?) Nevertheless it's an interesting piece, a much nicer place to display cookery books than the average bookshop shelf.


  1. Every thing has its uses. This looks like one of those bookshops that must be really nice to browse through. Hope they can exist against Tesco and Amazon.

  2. It's lovely! It looks like it could be in someone's home.

  3. Makes me want to pull up a chair and pour through some of those cookbooks! -Lili


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