Sunday, 17 January 2010

Not so chipper!

Whilst some buildings in Saltaire, as in yesterday's picture, have been lovingly and imaginatively renovated, others have not been so lucky. I don't know how long this fish and chip shop on Titus Street has been closed down, but not a lot appears to have been done to give it a new lease of life. Being a fish and chip shop was in itself a second life for this building, which was some other kind of retail store when the village was first built. You can see that the stonework under the window infills the original shop window. Despite its run-down air, there is something about the colours - tan and blue - that I think make it look quite attractive.

If you're in Saltaire and want the traditional Yorkshire 'fast food' of battered fish and chips, you now have to walk right up to the main Bradford Road. It's worth the walk, as the quality of the fish and chips sold at Webster's Salts Fisheries Takeaway is good. But by the time I've walked home they're a bit on the cool side and a zap in the microwave does nothing for the crispy batter. Better to eat them in the street from the paper! There used to be another 'chippy' on the main parade of shops in Victoria Road, where the bar 'Don't tell Titus' is now, but it closed a few years ago.

Oh dear, all this thinking about fish and chips is making me hungry...


  1. I love English fish and chips.

    Fortunately I'm not in position to act on the cravings very often.

    I've had some decent fish and chips in Vancouver, but they're never quite the same as the real thing.

  2. Boyhood memories; cinema on Saturday morning (dirt cheap) for a western and a Tom & Gerry, then fish and chips in the paper on the way home. Kids don't get the right education these days.

  3. What a beautiful building. Real shame this is derelict, hope it gets bought and re-purposed. Nice picture.


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