Sunday, 3 January 2010

Saltaire URC

It's been a small tradition for me the past few years to have a walk from Saltaire along the canal on New Year's Day - a way of thinking about how things change and how things stay the same. We had another dusting of snow on New Year's Eve, not a lot but enough to make what was already slippery absolutely lethal. With the result that I did an ungraceful slide on to my bum on the towpath. Nothing broken, but my wrist is sore! Luckily my camera stayed safe and I had already taken a few photos by that stage.

The ducks are perturbed that the canal is mostly snowed over, but photographically it lightens things up. I like the graphic quality that the winter light brings to the church. When the trees are skeletal, you can really appreciate the unusual (Italianate Palladian) design of this wonderful Victorian building, designed by the architects of Saltaire, Messrs Lockwood and Mawson and opened in 1859.


  1. The architects certainly wanted to make a statement with this church.

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  3. Glad you weren't hurt and nothing is broken. I've taken a couple of winter falls over the years where I hit the ground hard before I even knew what happened. Nothing broken here either, so far.

  4. Ooh! Poor thing, hope you're ok! xx


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