Sunday, 31 January 2010

Simply Saltaire exhibition

Are there any other artists and photographers who would like to donate work to this selling exhibition? I'm intending to put in a couple of photos, as it's in a good cause - all proceeds will go towards creating an Education Centre within Saltaire URC. The donations of artwork have to be submitted to the church in late February/early March. Further details can be found on the Saltaire Village Society's website - follow this link.

The lovely image on the poster is by a professional, York-based photographer called John Potter. He has some stunning images on his website. (I can't decide whether seeing images like that inspires me or makes me want to give up!)


  1. The photo on the poster is gorgeous. I looked at John Potter's site and his photos are stunning, but I wouldn't dream of comparing my photos to his or any other professional photographer.

    I view photos like his as something to aspire to and as motivation for taking more pictures. Actually, I take pictures primarily for the joy of just snapping away. I also enjoy post-processing my images with Photoshop (almost) as much as taking pictures. I guess what I'm saying is, I do it for myself first and foremost; if you do photography for any other reason it will seem like a chore and you will want to give up.

    Keep taking pictures, I want to see more of Saltaire.

  2. Amazing poster. Good luck with the cause.


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