Friday, 29 January 2010

'Welcome to Saltaire'

Snapped on a sunny day in the summer, this Saltaire garden is a riot of colour and even in the depths of winter it has some interest. The elderly man who lives here is obviously a keen gardener and seems to take a real pride in keeping it neat and full of colour, whatever the time of year. There is a beautiful mauve wisteria that blooms in early summer.

The house is one of the larger village houses. Situated on the corner of Exhibition Road and the main Saltaire Road, it effectively sits at one of the corners of the village. It would have been the first house people saw when approaching Saltaire on the turnpike road from Leeds. As such, it needed to make an impact. With its bay window - a relatively unusual feature in Saltaire - it looks substantial and attractive, a good advert for Titus Salt's 'model' village.

Nowadays you don't really notice the house in quite the same way, since residential and commercial development has spread much further down the road. (And with the fire station right opposite, many folks will be looking at the fire engines as they go past!) But the red flowers do catch your eye.


  1. You must have pretty well snapped Saltaire, the locals must be waiting for the guidebook to come out. You've done the research, why not.

  2. Not a bad idea!

    I'm thoroughly enjoying your photos and info!

  3. It is an impressive house, especially with that bay window.

  4. There are, I suppose, only so many photos you can take in about one square mile! But I haven't done yet. The thought of collecting some of the best into a book has, I confess, occurred to me.. but only as an idle thought. Probably need to retire before I find time for that kind of project! But thank you for your encouragement.

  5. Why not do a quick self publish one at -- It's easy and affordable just to see how it turns out and provide some inspiration to see your images in print.


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