Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where's the sun?

Saltaire has looked, broadly speaking, much the same for about 150 years. Not much has changed in terms of the buildings and the layout of the village. But of course the details are constantly changing. The inhabitants have changed - we no longer look inward to the local mill at the heart of our lives, but outward to Leeds and Bradford or even further afield for our workplaces and much of our recreation. The use of some of the buildings has changed (most importantly, of course, Salts Mill itself). The surroundings have changed - from what was once literally a stand-alone village to a city suburb, swallowed up in urban development.

All the time things are gradually shifting and changing. It is one of my pleasures in living here to notice the small changes as I explore the village and go about my daily life. I also like to spot things I hadn't noticed before - like this sun-medallion for instance. I rather like the expression on his face - boredom? What am I doing hanging on this wall? Resignation? It's a bit like the expression on my face as I plod on through the winter. I look forward to seeing the sun smiling properly again!

I wonder if any of the local readers of this blog know where this little ray of sunshine (or is it a sunflower?) is? I'll tell you tomorrow.


  1. Your sun-medallion looks a little sleepy-eyed. Fingers crossed, he's waking up after his long doze.

  2. It looks a little like the things they used to have for insurance adverts. Sun Alliance? or Sun Fire?

  3. I like it! It does have a sleepy look on it's face :)


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