Friday, 5 February 2010

Market place, Shipley

This is the market square in Shipley, on one of the market days...though the curse of the white van is obscuring all the stalls. The local Council do their best to brighten the place up in summer with hanging baskets and banners, but I can't find any love in my heart for the modernist 1960s concrete buildings. The clock on the tower was stopped for years (it even features on a blog about stopped clocks!) and there was some debate about whether the tower should be demolished or kept. I read that the tower was unsafe for engineers to climb to repair the clock. However, that must have been sorted out because last July the clock was mended and now keeps time and chimes again. If you look closely you can see the figure of man hitting a bell. It is even lit by a coloured light show at night, which enlivens my winter walk home from work!


  1. The town planners and councils in west Yorkshire during the 50's and 60's should have been put on trial for criminal negligence for what they did to places like Shipley and Bradford.

  2. I kind of like the clock tower, so I'm glad they fixed it. I enlarged the picture and I do see the man hitting the bell!


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