Saturday, 18 September 2010

Festival in Saltaire Park

Sir Titus Salt and his daughters, Miss Ameila Salt and Miss Ada Salt, watch children dancing round a maypole in Saltaire Park (now known as Roberts Park) as the grand opening of the park in 1871 is re-enacted as part of this year's Saltaire Festival.


  1. The kids really look the part. How cute.

  2. The festival I am covering this weekend is wet today, but I posted some fun shots yesterday.A number of towns have had similar to this through the years.The dress is fun to play with.

  3. Oh I just love reenactments and period clothing. How beautiful! ~Lili

  4. That's really a delightful festival, Jenny... Nice montage.

    [You are right that water lilies can peek their necks out of the water; I was a bit rushed and opted to keep my explanation simple. I'm glad you called me on it. :-) ]


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