Friday, 21 January 2011

Heritage Trail 18 - Victoria Road junction

'Use the puffin crossing (across Saltaire Road) to continue along Victoria Road'..... Are you puffin' yet?  Well, we'll soon be back where we started.  Be careful here - this is another very busy junction and accident blackspot .  Although the Salts Hospital building is on one corner (see yesterday's picture) that's no use as the building hasn't been used as a hospital for years!

Victoria Road is the main thoroughfare through Saltaire and contains all the big public buildings.  There are a few houses towards the top, as seen in the photo, and a parade of shops at the bottom near Salts Mill.  It is a wide and pleasant street, designed to show the village off at its best.

I know some of you will be ready for a pint of 'Saltaire Blonde' [the local beer named after me ;-)  ] so turn right here, down Saltaire Road - Fanny's Ale House is a few hundred yards down on the left, just past the car park .... but don't tell Sir Titus!)

[Junction marked on street plan, beside no 16 the Hospital]


  1. Victoria Road does a very good job of showing off Saltaire at its best :)

  2. Hi Jenny!

    First up...CONGRATULATIONS on the offer I saw on your last post about someone wishing to purchase one of your photographs! That's WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I sense a change of career down the line for you, possibly? Freelance photographer? Part-time author of travel books? So excited for you :)

    Today's photo is no exception to your usual high standard. I think all of your pictures would make a great coffee table book!

  3. It is looking busy here, I'll be careful.

  4. I have seen a couple of accidents here, before I moved here and before my photography. From personal observation, yes this is a buy junction, but on both times I saw an accident it was because they failed to STOP in front of the stop sign and then got hit by a car just driving along.

    As for my foray into,
    Bradford Daily Photo it was mostly because I am in and around Bradford quite often and usually have my camera, so I have quite a few pictures. I was more interested in getting up and running than any real thoughts of the design. I have now changed colours.

    There are now so many CDP blogs, I tend to get sidetracked and do not always visit the same ones regularly and am not a great commenter.

    Lastly I do like what you do on the Saltaire DP, you have a more arty take on what you see, I quite struggle to be more than this is what I see and here it is.

  5. See you in Fanny's Ale House, I'll buy you a pint.

  6. Just catching up Jenny - Marvellous (as ever ) photos! Just waiting for time off work and better weather before I venture for my full day out to Saltaire. xxxx

  7. OK, we won't tell to sir Titus! :)
    What I see from your town is that they were able to keep its soul very well. No awful modern building , no stupid architecture. I know it's protected by Unesco, but that protection does not always work as well as it does here.

  8. Been out of the country too long: never heard of a puffin crossing, so must look it up. I'm with Paul on admiring the artistic flair of fellow-CDPers. My equipment is basic and apart from cropping, all I do is SOOC (straight out of the camera).

    Saltaire was on Michael Portillo's train journey with Bradshaw itinerary this week. I was disappointed he didn't interview you.

  9. Puffin? Me? No, not at all. I love long walks and am just getting warmed up. This streetscape looks good.

  10. Saltaire Blonde!! Oh my, you must tell that story someday too! ~Lili


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