Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Heritage Trail 22 - Salts Mill

'Continue along Victoria Road, past the row of shops, to complete your tour where it began...'
And here we are, back where we began, by the railway bridge opposite Salts Mill.  This huge Mill was the key to Sir Titus Salt's vision to relocate all his textile mills from the city of Bradford to a healthier purpose-built site, along with a surrounding village where his workers could enjoy a good quality of life.  I have written extensively about Salts Mill in previous posts so please click the label below for more information.

I hope you've enjoyed this 'virtual tour' of the Saltaire Heritage Trail.  It's taken us a long time to complete; well done for keeping up.  At least it was only me that had to wrap up in six layers of warm clothes!  Save your real visit for a day when the sun shines and Saltaire looks at its honeyed best.  Even though black and white photography suits the gritty industrial feel of the area, on a winter's day the light doesn't really make for great photos.  It's been an interesting project for me and an educational one too, and (woo-hoo) it filled up nearly all of January with photos! (It's quite hard at this time of year to find inspiration and motivation to get out there taking pictures.)  I'll leave you now to do a bit of browsing and shopping in Salts Mill (you can click the link) - part of the surprising place that is the World Heritage Site of Saltaire.

[No 1 on the street plan]


  1. Woah I'm a bit out of breath. I got left behind there for a bit but I've caught up now and it is sad that the tour has finished. It was a great idea and I didn't have t suffer the cold. You certainly live in an unique , historical and lovely town.

  2. wow...this building is AMAZING!!

    i love old architecture like this.


    my girls and i are reading the secret garden right now~
    we are in love with the sweet yorkshire folks in it and their wonderful accents!

  3. Bravo, Jenny. This was an excellent project, with perfect execution, from interesting and well-composed photos to fascinating history and story telling. It's a pity I was out much of the month to follow you on a daily basis, but the tour was taken and I hope one day to come do it in person... perhaps with a charming guide? :-)

  4. I really enjoyed your tour, Jenny. The photos were brilliant, and really looked good in black and white. Well done for keeping it informative and fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!

  5. That building is so beautiful and this tour has been marvelous. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. This is so strange. Your two most recent posts did not show on my blog list! Hence my earlier comment today. I thought I'd check back, to see if you'd read the comment and uploaded it...that way I'd know you were fine.

    Now I discover you've been posting as always, so no missed days. I cannot fathom why I didn't get the updates on my blog page :(

    And this one is already THE END of the tour! Aaaw Gee! That went quickly. It was so much fun :)

  7. I've enjoyed this tour very much! you're a perfect guide! this last building, the most important for the city as the "root" of it all, is very impressive!

  8. Have really enjoyed black & white tour of Saltaire. Agree with your comment about getting motivated at this time of year!


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