Thursday, 27 January 2011

Moo cards

Have you heard of Moo?  It's a company that makes business cards, postcards, greetings cards and such like - and they also do these lovely little mini cards, like a business card but smaller (3x7cm).  They are nicely finished, matt on good quality, sustainably sourced card and they come in a neat little box.

I found I needed something for when people asked me "How do I find your blog?"  Invariably I would find I hadn't a pen or paper to hand to write the web address down - and my clever daughter suggested this idea.  It's really easy to upload your photos and design the cards, with a photo on the front and the address on the back.  (The first ones I had done also had my little daisy logo on the back, but somehow I missed that off the second batch.)  The big advantage of Moo is that you don't have to have all the cards the same.  I used ten different photos, giving me a nice variety.  It's interesting to see what a letter box crop does to your images - it makes quite a difference to their impact; some really work and some don't, so it's an adventure picking appropriate images.  People seem to like choosing the picture they want to keep - some of my workmates have the cards on display on their desks!

Personally I just adore all things paper and I love browsing in stationers' shops like Paperchase - so just exploring Moo's website is a treat in itself.  It's very creative and you can get inspiration from the designs they showcase.  The cards would be ideal for advertising a small creative business or even using as gift tags.  Highly recommended - the Moo website is here - and to see some photographers' work see here.


  1. I love Moo! I am using them for my business cards. We also used them to give as favours at our wedding, even making little Moo Stickers ( for the children!

    Your Mini Cards look great - you could put a hole in the top corner, thread them together with ribbon and sell them as a little book of Saltaire. I'm sure a local shop would carry a few...

  2. That's a neat idea - I might think about that!

  3. Ah! Now the Moo Cards post makes its rightful appearance ;) I was wondering when we'd see it uploaded.

    I'm dying to know how you got on with that buyer who was interested in purchasing your Salt's Mill night-time photo, Jenny! I really do believe your talent should extend to generating some pocket-money. You're really very good at this :)

  4. I was so excited to see the AWOL post uploaded, that I went right ahead and typed my comment before I'd read the post!

    Now, having READ the post, I'm forced to return and say how very interesting and what a wonderful idea & thanks for the info & sharing the link and details! My husband will LOVE this, I'm sure.

    Your MOO CARDS look really super, Jenny. You are such a talented photographer!

  5. That's a fantastic idea! i'm also a stationery lover and collector; I also collect bookmarks, and I'm always looking for beautyful letter paper and pretty postcards , to write to my penfriends;

  6. Oh Jenny these look wonderful! I had never heard of Moo cards before, thanks for the link! ~Lili

  7. I use Moo cards as tags on my Christmas presents. And I made a set of stickers that match. I also have them to promote my "other identity" website because they're easy to leave around in cafes or museums (in my case) to promote the site.
    Your church one is brilliant - and the canal one on the top left is the image that I consider is iconic of Saltaire.

  8. I love looking on the Moo website. I'm facinated by their little cards. I've just popped over from My Five Men and had to say hello. I've enjoyed reading your blog, it's not often I find another English blogger. Also I've been intending to visit Saltaire for a long time now and after reading your blog I think I'll be making that visit sometime soon. kathleen.

  9. Oh! You mentioned Paperchase....who doesn't love it? I have boxes and boxes of stationary and journals etc, my husband is threatening to sell 'em on ebay!

    I just wanted to say I'm reading my way through your smashing blog...and enjoying all your fantastic photos and writing immensely!!



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