Saturday, 7 May 2011

Dun't look like much ter me....

I don't usually walk to work along the canal towpath in the mornings but sometimes the morning seems so fresh and the light so lovely that I can't resist makes me late for work, but luckily we work flexi-time so it's not really a problem.  The other morning I was framing up a few photos, just as an elderly man walked past in the opposite direction.  He said: "Are yer tekkin photos....?" - paused for a moment in thought and then delivered his verdict on this strange early morning pastime: "Dun't look like much ter me"!  Ah well, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder....

(I'll be away for a few days so I hope the auto-post works!)


  1. It looks alright ter us too. It seems we often take for granted what is right in front of us. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and a ;ocal character.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  2. Looks awrite to me tu. I guess if you've lived there all your life and see it everyday it becomes ho hum, especially males without much artistic nous. You captured the bird landing well.

  3. Aye, 'tis a grand shot
    Worth being a few minutes late for

    Theer's no so blind as them as canna see...

    One of our old neighbours in Saltaire village could never enjoy a drive out into the Dales; "There's nowt but green out theer"

    [always thought that should be "will not" rather than "cannot" see :) ]

  4. It's grand! Take no notice o'th owd ...

  5. So, where is your picture of the old coot? Jenny, there is a future for you in writing dialog.

  6. haha, i love his line.
    i get that a lot actually. ^0^
    wondering why i was taking fotos of this or him.
    but beauty is subjective. ^0^

    travel safe.

  7. Oh I love this post and the picture looks great to me.
    Happy weekend

  8. That old man would be gobsmacked to know how many bloggers loved your picture, Jenny :) It's such a peaceful scene and I can see why you risk being late for work occasionally to walk this way! It's lovely!

  9. As my grandmother once said about the Olympics - "I've seen it before"! Your pic is lovely.

  10. A beautiful morning's walk Jenny.

  11. Makes one wonder if that man considered anything beautiful.

  12. Sounds like someone doesn't appreciate the beauty all around him there in your gorgeous village! ~Lili


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