Saturday, 26 November 2011

Eye of the Tiger

One of the undoubted benefits from the restoration of Saltaire's Roberts Park in 2010 was the creation of a large and well-equipped play area.  It caters not only for smaller children but for young teenagers too, having an area set aside for skateboarding and BMX bikes.  It is always packed full of youngsters and has obviously proved popular.  A curved wall provides some separation between the different activities, and this has been painted with eye-catching graffiti-style murals, including this magnificent tiger's eye.  Saltaire is full of surprises!


  1. Yes indeed the play area in the newly refurbished Roberts Park is a well built, well used and well appreciated resource. Some of the equipment looks very exciting, especially the cable run and rope climbing frame . . . my only niggle is that at sixty years old my "having a go" would no doubt be "frowned" upon by some . . and, lets face it, regreted by my self if my hip "slipped out" again . . .

  2. Best. Park. Ever.

    That play area is a fantastic piece of design. It's really not often that you see 6 month olds to sixteen year olds using the same place quite happily.

    The skate park part isn't just an afterthought - it's a fully fledged example of the type, and some of the more proficient skaters (and some are very, very good indeed) rate it very highly.

    There are some YouTube videos of skaters using it properly that are well worth a look. It's a beautiful sport to watch and quite beyond my level of skill.

  3. Cool shot! Nice idea with the processing.

  4. Eye catching and clever idea for that play area! ~Lili

  5. So are your photos full of surprises. Great to have parks for the young ones.

  6. Great shot and processing, Jenny. I've never understood the phrase of your title...?


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