Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I think I know why the dog howls at the moon

Another of Saltaire's Living Advent Calendar windows - and a rare guest photographer on Salt & Light.  I tried and failed to take a decent photo of this window.  There was a tree in the way, hence the slightly sideways viewpoint.  But more of a problem was that, with my short lens, I would have had to set up my tripod in the middle of Albert Road in the dark.  As I didn't think that very advisable, I am delighted my friend Roy had a longer lens and the generosity to let me use his photo.

The painting reminded me of this music track by Johnny Clegg - 'Dela (I think I know why the dog howls at the moon)'.  It's part of the soundtrack to a Disney movie, "George of the Jungle".  (I know, my mind works funny sometimes!!)

One day I looked up and there you were,
like a simple question looking for an answer.
Now I am the whale listening to some inner call,
swimming blindly to throw myself upon your shore.
What if I don't find you when I have landed?
Will you leave me here to die on your shore stranded?

I think I know why the dog howls at the moon.

I think I know why the dog howls at the moon.

Ah well, put it down to the stress of Christmas....


  1. Your guest photographer has done a great job of capturing this advent window .
    Now you've got me singing Dog howls at the moon!!

  2. I love Dela! I haven't met anyone else who has even heard of Johnny Clegg and Savuka before.

    You are right though, this is a great window.

  3. Another pretty window. A catchy tune too.

  4. That was a good idea for a guest photographer, when under stress just delegate! Very cute song to go with this beautiful window. ~Lili

  5. Nice shot of the howling dog.

    'George of the Jungle' is new to me, but thanks for the introduction.

  6. Nice job to your guest photographer. Happy new year, I wish you happiness in 2012!

  7. Well Well Well! I'm not sure who wrote this blog? Have you been drinking Jenny? I think it was wonderful!

  8. What a great window. I love that movie.


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