Saturday, 31 December 2011

The long view

The view of the long south front of Salts Mill, taken from the railway bridge - probably the most iconic image of Saltaire (even seen in the video intro to our local BBC News programme).  It looks nice with the honey-coloured stone catching the sunshine - and the red SALTS sign.... our equivalent of the Hollywood sign, I always think!

I don't know why, but it seemed a suitable photo to round off another year.  I guess I've learned to 'take the long view' about a lot of things as I've got older and (possibly) wiser.

I tried correcting the verticals on this (Michael will be pleased to know) but I decided I preferred it distorted.  It emphasises the mill's bulk and length, I think.  And by the way, my current header picture is a night-time view of all these windows.  I like the way the lit windows have different colour temperatures.


  1. One can get into a very long and complicated argument discussing what is "correct" and "incorrect" in a photograph - I know, I had a drinking partner who also happened to be an astro-physicist and photographer! Lets just say I like your picture and leave it at that. If I haven't already wished you all the best for 2012 then I'll do that now as well.

  2. I like your photo, and I also take the long view/bigger picture approach these days. Happy New Year!

  3. Your long view is very nice, especially on such a bright, sunny day.

    All the best for 2012!

  4. Straightening verticals with software, you lose something to gain something. I think that without a true 'shift' lens, the verticals are best left alone.
    Have a good New Year and 2012.

  5. I love that shot, Jenny! And the color. Beautiful. I have so enjoyed Saltaire Daily Photo this past year. May you have a wonderful 2012 and keep bringing us these amazing photos. :-) Blessings on you.

  6. It is a good photograph and looks good as is. All the best in 2012. See you then.

  7. Michael has corrected me on my verticals too :)

    I love the warmth of the shot and the sentiment of taking the long view; keeping it in perspective.

    Happy New Year JennyF

  8. Of course if you were painting this scene you would deliberately tip the edges in so it would still look like a photo.
    After all photos are the only true reality, before "Editing" of course.
    You guys! get real! the eye is the only true reality, and every eye sees differently, so you are all right! If you really want verticals to be vertical, just use your eyes!
    I am so glad you admitted that your lovely photo was distorted! More importantly I am so happy that we are able to wish you all a very Happy New Year whilst viewing this great building in Saltaire!

  9. I have never noticed the red Salts sign before...surely you've shown it to us...or maybe not? Just wondering. ~Lili


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