Friday, 6 April 2012

Ball, bench and box

I'm going to be taking a few days out from blogging over Easter, as my intention is do some decorating whilst I have a few days off work.  The weather forecast isn't great - cold and damp - so it's not going to entice me out, I don't think, and my sitting room desperately needs a makeover.  I've had a kind offer of help.  Decorating is always easier to tackle when there's more than one of you (and it means I won't have to stand on a ladder!) So, away we go!

This photo is one that hasn't fitted anywhere so far - another of those where I saw shapes and textures that I liked and could play about with a bit.  I leave you with it.... Have a happy Easter break (those of you who celebrate it) and a lovely weekend.


  1. Our place needs a makeover but..........

  2. Well done, jennyfreckles! I sat looking at the picture for several minutes.

  3. I quite like this one! good luck with the decorating!

  4. I love that BALL! Good composition and ballistics and alliteration, delivery and execution... I could go on but then I would get to Z...and you would all be going ZZZZZZZ......!

  5. A very pleasing composition!

    Happy Easter Jennyfreckles :)


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