Sunday, 15 April 2012

Blue mood


Part of Dean Clough Mills in Halifax.... Not much more to say about this one.  I just liked the shapes and angles.  Dean Clough is such a huge site that it's a difficult place to sum up in one or two photos.  It isn't as obviously attractive as Salts Mill... someone once said the sprawling complex 'could easily be mistaken for an engineering works in what used to be the German Democratic Republic'. (Probably an insult to the ex-GDR, I think!) It sits in a narrow valley near the centre of the town and lacks the ornate architecture and attractive setting of Salts Mill.  But nonetheless it is an imposing building and a massive success story for Halifax.


  1. I love the geometry in this photograph, jenny.

    1. It looks reminiscent of the set squares you got in those school geometry sets, doesn't it?

  2. Well seen Jenny. I love the reflections.


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