Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bright, white, modern..

Another place I pass on my commute.... The new orthodontics factory, Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd, is open and functioning now.  You will recall I have shown a couple of photos of it during the construction (see here and here).  I think it looks marginally more attractive from this view but it still doesn't (to me) fit its surroundings.  It is very bright, white and modern - looks somehow more like a building you might find in a coastal location than near the heart of historic Saltaire.  As John (By Stargoose and Hanglands) observed in a comment on an earlier post, let's hope the teeth they make are not as large and white as the building!

Incidentally, I have just noticed that I have passed the 1000 mark for blog posts - this is number 1002.   That's 1000+ days of fun and friendship.  Thanks to all my readers, those I know about and those I don't, for journeying with me.  There are all sorts of interesting spin-offs.  Someone recently contacted me about a much earlier post about Saltaire's now-demolished washhouse and public baths.  Thanks to the knowledgeable and helpful folk at the History Club and elsewhere, without whose writings I would not have nearly so much to share, there has been a very interesting email correspondence going on about the baths - proof that even in a well-documented place like Saltaire there are still new avenues to explore.


  1. Thanks for the mention. Still looks like an enormous set of gleaming gnashers to me.

  2. I guess, being an orthodontics factory, it couldn't be anything less that bright and white.

  3. Funny comments above! :-) This looks way too American for me. I love the old stone buildings and trains and bridges of England. But I always love your posts, Jenny. :-)

  4. This building must be quite shocking among the old houses of the place!I must admit that it's not my cup of tea..
    Congrats for your 1000!What a great adventure it is to blog, indeed!


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