Sunday, 29 April 2012

More Steampunk style

Adele and Rosie

More Steampunk style at Saltaire's World Heritage Celebrations  - I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  I thought it was great that it wasn't only young folks - whole families were involved, and I spotted several silver Steampunks!

Amanda and Dennis

An elegant couple - though the dog wasn't joining in, apparently!



  1. The costumes and inventions are superbly detailed and obviously created with a great deal of care and enthusiasm, but the whole Steampunk thing isn't really my cup of tea. But then, it'd be a very tedious world if we were all alike and I can appreciate why others become so involved :)

  2. i'm glad you made me discover that style, because I really love it! I'm surprised to see that people "practising" are not very young..That's an interesting point, and a good one: I can join! :o)

  3. That must be fun ! I wished I could see that life ! I love these old costumes.

  4. i don't think I'll be joining in, though it looks fun.

  5. I must say this Steampunk style looks tremendous fun, and so creative. It looks to me as though a goodly amount of foraging through bric-a-brac/charity shops is part and parcel of accumulating the items for the finished outfit.
    I have a pair of gold rimmed Victorian spectacles, a leather flying cap and an Edwardian cane/silk umberella . . . . . I do beleive I have the makings of an outfit . . . . .

  6. I have heard of Steampunk before, but only because a former FSU student (S.J. Chambers) who also worked as an assistant in my office is a co-author of "The Steampunk Bible". Nice pictures!

  7. Simply awesome!! Kudos to these folks for going all out.
    I adore goggles anywhere. In fact, I have a pair myself.



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