Thursday, 5 April 2012

Red splash

A more arty, edgy composition showing Lister's Mill chimney alongside some of the modern glass and steel structures that have been added as part of Urban Splash's transformation of the Victorian mill buildings.  The chimney is a massive 255 feet (78m) high, with a very ornate top.  The mill complex sits on top of a hill and so the chimney is a landmark for miles around.

Saltaire's Salts Mill chimney is a similar size, though it sits low down in the valley so it is not a landmark in the same way.  It also lacks a fancy top, as that had to be dismantled in the 70s for safety reasons.  (I'm pretty sure that nowadays they would have made efforts to restore it, not dismantle it.  I still meet older local people who remember it and are really quite cross at its loss!)

Urban Splash are gradually transforming Lister's Mill into very smart apartments. Consequently you can't get into the complex now unless you live there.  Their website has more photos from inside the compound and inside the apartments - worth a look if you didn't peek at it yesterday!


  1. Love your picture, though I'm less enthusiastic about the "big bits of Lego" that the developers seem to have littered the site with. They don't appear to have any purpose. The fancy chimney shows up really well in the fireworks picture on the link.

  2. Excellent! I like seeing geometric images like this one.

  3. Interesting lines, shapes and angles. I rather like how Urban Splash have married the old and new.


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