Thursday, 26 April 2012

Who's the star attraction?

Following on from yesterday's post.... I think this little scene confirms without doubt that the boatman on 'Pearl Barley' is Duncan Davis ('ex top London photographer').  (Later: I have had my hunch confirmed by an email from Elland's boatman, Adrian - thanks.)   The guy is most certainly a photographer and seemed happy to turn the tables, being as interested in what was going on on the towpath as those on the towpath were in him and his boat.  In fact, I've discovered that he is an extremely talented photographer, with a stunning array of published work on a variety of topics - see here for books he has published, including a documentary record of his travels on the boat.

His pub, The Black Bull at Frosterley, is definitely on my must-visit list now.  It sounds really quirky - must be the only pub anywhere that boasts its own peal of bells!   For a flavour of it, see the website, or these You-Tube videos, showing the pub and the bell-ringing...  [Go on, you know you like being distracted from what you should be doing!]

As for the lady.... tune in tomorrow....

[If you want distracting even more, there's a set of horseboating photos on my other blog now.]


  1. I am so very much enjoying your current series of images . . . . location/composition/colour and contrast . . . all deftly handled with real talent. But what also comes across very strongly is the sheer joy and pride which you have managed to capture . . . . the X-Factor in your work one may say.

  2. Excellent post. And it was a pleasure to be distracted, particularly by the extraordinary bell-ringing clip.

  3. I am definitely going to that website. Sounds like someplace I want to visit my next time in England. The lady? She reminds me of one we saw on the corner at the Portobello Market in London. Wonderful photos, Jenny!

  4. I had an attack of lens-envy looking at his camera. Jim

  5. Lovely boaty pictures Jenny, we're hoping to be back on the lovely Leeds and Liverpool in the summer.

  6. Love the view from above. So much to see. Wonderful.


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