Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1. Rest, regroup, reprise...

I'm taking a break from active blogging for a while. It seems like a good time for a rest and taking stock. The weather is grey and wet, I have little time for getting out with my camera and I feel in need of some new inspiration. However, until I get that (!) I did think I might re-run some of my early Saltaire photos. It will keep things ticking over, as well as gathering the pictures and narrative together. Apologies to those who've heard it all before! 
For those who are interested... Take a tour of my village and its history...


  1. I know that 'running out of steam' feeling, only too well. I haven't posted since Boxing Day. Sometimes, a rest is in order.

  2. Yes I agree. Sometimes we nee to take a break. I do when I have a lot going on. Blogging gets put onto the back burner.

  3. I understand, jennyfreckles, but it will be disappointing not to see your new photos for a while. Have a good rest and enjoy everything else in your life!

    1. Jack, I'll probably post a few new photos on my other blog (see side bar) - won't be able to resist!

  4. Happy New Year !
    And good Break!
    I just took one, and really needed it.It's good to breath sometime.
    I send you all my best wishes for 2013!

  5. Enjoy your time away. Let us know when you come back.

  6. Very interesting to catch up with the past and where you are now. I understand that need to regroup. Looking for that inspirational direction myself. Glad to see you still here. I would miss you. Gin

  7. Sir titus salt is my great great great great grandad!!!


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