Friday, 11 January 2013

11. The canal gap

The Leeds-Liverpool Canal was a significant factor in Salt's decision to build his mill here in the Aire valley. Built in the 1770s, it provided a route for the import of wool (notably alpaca wool from South America) via Liverpool docks and for export of the finished cloth. These days it is used mainly by leisure boats and provides visitors to Saltaire's World Heritage Site with a pleasurable stroll along its towpath.

The gap between Salts Mill (on the left) and the New Mill (on the right) makes a distinctive canyon-like corridor that is one of my favourite parts of Saltaire. Often the wind whistles through the gap, but on calm days, especially in the mornings, you get beautiful reflections in the water.


  1. A nice reflection, indeed, and beautifully framed!

  2. I love the reflection of the sky in the canal!

  3. A nice stroll through history.

  4. I love the notion of canals -- such a civilized and leisurely method of transport.


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