Saturday, 12 January 2013

12. The New Mill

The classic view of Saltaire's New Mill from across the weir on the River Aire. I wouldn't like to guess how many photos have been taken here over the years - including quite a lot of mine! (Click the New Mill label below to see more.)

The New Mill stands on the site of the much older Dixon Mill, a water-powered mill that existed when Titus Salt bought the land. Located on a narrow strip of land between the canal and river, the New Mill was built as an extra spinning mill. It was opened in 1868, which also happens to be the year by which most of Saltaire was finished. The area between the canal and river held gasometers (for gas to light not only the mills but also the village) and a dye works too. Later, in Sir James Roberts' time, the New Mill was extended by the blocks you can see behind it. These are now apartments. Whilst they look not dissimilar to the older buildings, being faced in stone, in fact they utilised a much more modern reinforced concrete construction method.


  1. It always makes me smile to see the word New attached to the name of a building when it was built in 1868. I realise it is probably because it replaced an old one.

  2. I guess it has become the iconic mill shot because it is a good one, right?


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