Thursday, 17 January 2013

17. Salt Mausoleum

Some time after the church was completed, Salt decided to have a mausoleum added. By 1860, he had lost two children and a third daughter, Fanny, was terminally ill. The bodies of Whitlam and Mary were exhumed from their graves in Lightcliffe where the family lived and laid to rest, along with Fanny, in the new family tomb. In time, another five members of the family were interred in Saltaire - Sir Titus himself, his wife Lady Caroline, his son Titus Jnr, Edward's first wife Mary Jane and the cremated remains of Catherine, widow of Titus Jnr.


  1. This angel makes me think of gothic times in the XIXth century; How beautyful and impressive!

  2. I rather fancy a mausoleum myself, but I am not sure if I would get planning permission to put one up in the back garden. Perhaps B&Q have flat-pack mausoleums that can be erected by anyone with a spanner and an Allen key.

    1. How about being cremated and sprinkled among the roses bushes as Plan B?

  3. It's a lovely structure but oh! what sad stories .... to loose those little children must have been heart-wrenching.

  4. Everything that Sir Titus did, he did with class and style.

  5. He hardly needed a mausoleum -- all of Saltaire is his monument.


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