Sunday, 20 January 2013

20. The village houses

The oldest streets in Saltaire village are amongst the prettiest, with two- and three-storey houses mixed together to give a pleasing variation to the terraces. These were built in 1854. They have small front gardens, and yards at the back, separated by stone walls to give privacy. (When they were built, they each had a privy/toilet in the yard - a modern luxury in those days). Most of the streets in the village are named after family members. The street pictured is George Street, named after Titus Salt's second son.


  1. I'd like to live in such a lovely house, or at least to visit one..

  2. Hi Jenny - beautiful street - well loved obviously ... cheers - it's probably covered in snow right now?! We are down here .. Hilary

  3. Your town is so pretty. I am curious how you ended up in Saltaire.


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