Wednesday, 30 January 2013

30. Almshouses

Sir Titus Salt's provision for his workforce extended to the building of 45 almshouses for the aged poor, at the top of Victoria Road, in 1868. He himself vetted the applicants, who had to provide evidence of their infirmity, age, previous occupation and probity. Once accepted, they lived rent-free and received a small weekly pension. The almshouses, a mixture of single and two-storey dwellings, are arranged in a square around a formal garden.  Some of them (as above) are very well-maintained but the whole area looks a bit unloved these days, I always think.


  1. Hi Janice .. some almshouses now just have that wonderful ambience - love the photo here .. cheers Hilary

  2. Those two look very well-loved though...

  3. Somebody 's carrying here, what a beautyful place!

  4. Are they still homes for the elderly, and if so, who now supports them?

    1. I think they're administered by some kind of local council/housing association arrangement and some of them at least are still social housing, not necessarily just for older people but certainly for those less privileged and/or less mobile.

  5. Another example of Sir Titus' vision and care for his community.

    This one sure looks good. Many folks in this country would be thrilled to live in as fine a place.


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