Thursday, 31 January 2013

31. Salts Hospital

In the same area as the Almshouses, Salt established a small infirmary, initially to treat injuries sustained in the mill. Minor injuries were treated at the mill's surgery but the hospital was opened in 1868 as a two-storey building with an operating theatre and nine beds. As time went on, it began to treat people from the local community as well as the mill's workforce and it was enlarged, absorbing some of the almshouses. A third storey was added in 1909. The hospital closed in 1979 and became a nursing home before being converted into apartments.


  1. Saltaire is one of the original "company towns." I visited a very different company town yesterday, Everglades City, created by Barron Collier to house the workers building the road across south Florida from Naples to Miami.


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