Saturday, 5 January 2013

5. Salts (Saltaire)

Salts Mill was owned and operated by Sir Titus Salt and his sons from 1853 to 1892.  After his death in 1876, his sons carried on the business but two then retired, Titus Jnr died quite young in 1887 and it was left to Edward to struggle on through tough economic times until it was wound up in 1892. In June 1893 the mill and the surrounding village were taken over by four Bradford businessmen, who revitalised it, investing in new machinery and extending the buildings. One of them, Sir James Roberts had a 25-year involvement until 1918, by which time the 1st World War had taken its toll on trade and on the workforce. The mill continued to operate, through good times and bad, as Salts (Saltaire) Ltd, and later as part of the Illingworth Morris group, before finally closing its doors in 1986.


  1. Very interesting series of posts Jenny. I'm not sure if I wished you a happy New Year, I wish you all the best for 2013 and hope that its all that you would like it to be. Enjoy your break, but I hope you return as soon as you feel inspired once more.

  2. I am sure that it was a great shock when it was shuttered after 130+ years, but that is actually a very long run.


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