Monday, 18 February 2013


The Leeds-Liverpool Canal is currently dammed at Dowley Gap, just beyond Saltaire, for maintenance. The Canal and River Trust, the charity that now manages Britain's waterways, are replacing the lock gates and repairing the Grade II listed aqueduct. As last year when they opened Bingley Five Rise Locks to the public, they had an Open Day. Postponed from last month (when it snowed) it was a crisp, sunny day - perfect for exploring this 240-year-old feat of engineering.
You can see from the photo how the water level is higher on the right than the left.  Further to the left is the drained aqueduct... more photos tomorrow.


  1. I admire the thecnology! Working with water on both sides must not be easy!!!

  2. I remember flooding this section of the canal back in the 1960s when my brother and I first navigated down the Bingley Five Rise. So few boats were navigating the Leeds Liverpool back in those days, a boat coming down the Rise was still a bit of a novelty and I suspect I was playing to the crowd and left a paddle open.

    1. So the great Saltaire flood of 1966 was all your fault, heh?

  3. If I ever get to England again, I want to travel the canals (or at least one canal). Love this photo, Jenny!

  4. Interesting project of restoring something so old. The rainfall must not be so great or the temporary dam could have been stressed a lot. It sure is a bright sunshiny day there.

  5. Looks like a great place to explore.


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