Friday, 8 February 2013

The thin red line

Another iPhone photo.  This caught my eye as I walked past Shipley Wharf (on my way from picking up a parcel from the mail delivery office).... always on the lookout! I liked the graphic effect of the shapes, lines and the ripply water, almost an abstract.


  1. The kind of thing I don't know to do , but like to see!

  2. Nice capture. I'm always on the lookout too, even when sometimes I've not got my camera with me...

  3. Very artistically done- looks more Venetian than Yorkshire.

  4. A fascinating capture, Jenny. Well spotted and thanks for sharing. (Love that touch of red in the midst of monochrome!).

  5. Superb, jennyfreckles. Is this done with one of those programs that turns everything black and white except the one selected color? Nice!

    1. I converted it to black and white and then 'painted' the red back in, using Photoshop layers.

  6. I agree Jenny, lovely ripply reflections.


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