Friday, 22 February 2013


Football fever has erupted, as our local League Two club, Bradford City, have miraculously fought their way to a Wembley cup-final against Premier League side Swansea on 24 February in the Capital One (Football League) Cup. They beat Arsenal and Aston Villa to get there. Tickets have sold out and there will be a huge contingent of fans on their way to Wembley at the weekend. Win or lose on the day, the success has brought a rare feel-good factor to the city and is generating much-needed funds for the club. This vendor outside Shipley's Asda store was supplying the must-have accessories for the event. Even my granddaughter has a stripey top in claret and amber club colours.
I used at one time to have a season ticket and regularly attended matches in the glory days of the 1990s when the club kicked its way into the Premier League for two seasons. Since then, they have slid down the rankings and lurched from one financial crisis to another. It would be good to see them play well at Wembley. Fingers crossed!


  1. That will be wonderful if they win at Wembley .... Go Bradford City!

  2. Ah, but this weekend is 6 Nations Rugby - football doesn't measure up, I'm afraid, but good luck anyway.

  3. I suspect Bradford will give Swansea a good run for their money, but I don't have Sky. I will be glued to the 6 Nations, though.

  4. Good luck to Bradford! Your adoring public wants to see a photo of your granddaughter and YOU in your claret and amber garb.


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