Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A hint of magnolia

For the past week I have been staying 'back home', tackling some more of the necessary (slow but steady) sorting-out of the contents of my late mother's apartment, visiting relatives and generally having a bit of a nostalgia trip. One day I decided to tour round the area looking up the houses and places that are significant to my family story. This one, the red-brick house, belonged to my maternal grandparents and it was here that I was first brought home as a newborn. My grandmother very sadly died a few months before I was born. My parents lived here with my grandad until I was about three, when we moved to a new bungalow. The white-painted house next door was, in those days, a post office and general store and belonged at one time to my great-grandparents and then to my great aunt.

I was a bit wary of standing in the street taking photos of someone's house, but luckily the elderly owner was pottering around in the garden in the sunshine. I told him that it was the house I'd lived in as a child, and he looked disbelieving of me, saying that he'd lived there for 48 years. (I took that as a big compliment!)  The beautiful magnolia tree was not planted when I lived there, but I love magnolia trees so I was very happy to see it prettifying the house.


  1. It must be strange to see someone else in what was your house before..The tree is wonderful!

  2. Hello Jennyfrecles, has been long time I didn't get opportunity to come to your blog and leave comment. I am sorry to hear that your mother passed away. Your blog is always full of beautiful photos and your text is of this quality reflecting your calm, wonderful personality... well as I try to imagine! We are actually in Austria but moving to Ireland very soon. Kind of closer to Saltaire!

  3. We're both fortunate to be able to revisit those places where we began our lives. People sometimes frown on trips down memory lane, but I think it's important to some of us. I took a similar trip myself, you may recall. Although the house where I was born, has changed substantially.

  4. It is interesting to gain this perspective on the house where you first lived. In a few weeks, I have to go back to my hometown for a day. Maybe I should stop in at my first home, too. I saw it a few years ago and it was pretty similar to the way it was when I lived there.


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