Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Want a way to get fit this summer? Then join the bootcamp in Roberts Park, Saltaire. Held on Monday, Thursday & Saturday mornings and Tuesday & Thursday evenings, these Commando Fit classes employ training styles used by the armed forces and professional sports. They aim to be highly motivational and to encourage people to take their fitness up a level or more, aiming perhaps for a real challenge like a half-marathon or even a marathon. It's all designed for fitness but fun, with a social element too. The folks participating were certainly working hard but they looked as though they were enjoying it.


  1. I'll enjoy from a distance!

  2. Keep watching my blog - We went to Saltaire!! Had a fabulous time but not long enough. I also went on the Canal boat in Skipton that you mentioned too xxxxx

  3. I will take a chair and watch you do the exercises. OK?


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