Thursday, 23 May 2013

Chimneys of all shapes and sizes

A fascinating, if complicated, series of rooflines. The chimneys in the foreground are those of the Park-keeper's Lodge at the entrance to Roberts Park, Saltaire. The building was refurbished when the park was revamped a few years ago. It is now used as the office and headquarters for the Park Ranger. The bell used to be rung to let people know when the park was closing each evening. (The 'time gentlemen, please' bell is not needed nowadays as the park functions as a through-route for pedestrians and it is not locked at night.)  Behind the Lodge, glowing in the late evening sunshine, is Salt's New Mill with its ornate Italianate tower and, to the left, the main mill chimney.


  1. I love chimneys, especially at Hampton Court.

  2. Very interesting point of view about an architectue detail!

  3. I love chimney shots Jenny and this is a beauty capturing many different types, nice work!


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