Monday, 6 May 2013


The narrow road down into Wycoller is reserved for residents' vehicles only, so visitors park at the top and walk down a footpath. It has some lovely views and serves to ramp up the anticipation for what will be found at the journey's end. I was excited to see shadows. The sun! Though, April being April, it teased with some short, sharp, sleety showers from time to time.  There were some lambs in the meadows but they were all out of range of my camera lens.  I got talking to a shepherd who told me that the late heavy snowfall in mid-March meant that he had lost a lot of lambs. The freaky weather may depress me but it has had a lot more serious consequences for our farmers.

And just because I felt like playing, here's a variation on the theme.


  1. I love both variations, Jenny!

  2. I thought I loved the first, colored version, but, gee, that black and white is something special.

  3. A really nice road/fence/shadow shot ... The b/w one is a bit like a puzzle picture, takes a while for the brain to sort it out!


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