Monday, 13 May 2013

Sunshine plant

Marsh marigolds, one of the first bog plants to bloom in the spring, made a vivid splash of colour in one of the ponds in Wycoller. Alongside the little beck, a string of pools and marsh areas has been constructed. It makes a lovely area in which to walk or relax (plenty of benches for weary hikers) but I imagine it is also used as a resource by school groups. There was plenty of scope for pond-dipping and marvelling at all the wildlife that ponds and bogs contain. It always makes me happy to see efforts being made towards nature conservation and education.


  1. A splash of colour, and I detect a little sun on the plant. It keeps coming and going, in between rain showers, down here near Bude. The holiday brochures show these places in the sun - still, it's a lovely area. Let's hope the UK gets a summer soon.

  2. Beautiful! We have a similar flower over here and just now it is painting our pastures gold.


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