Sunday, 26 May 2013

We shall remember them

Part of the walls that form the Armed Forces Memorial, the centrepiece of the National Memorial Arboretum.

On these walls are engraved the names of all the members of our armed forces who have lost their lives whilst serving their country since the end of the Second World War. British forces have been involved in more than 50 operations and conflicts across the world, often as part of international coalitions. The names are grouped by year and by Service and then in date order, so that those who lost their lives together in the same incident are named together. There are, sadly, far too many of them - and far too much blank wall still left for the future.


  1. No matter how impressive the memorial, it's never seems to be adequate. I wonder if we'll ever reach a point when young men and women are no longer expected to put their lives on the line? Not during my time, that's for sure.

  2. Even if I don't know the people , I always have tears in eyes when I see such places .So many lives lost..

  3. It is important that a nation properly memorialize the men and women who give their lives for their country. This looks like an impressive memorial.


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