Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wycoller Hall

The hamlet of Wycoller centres around the ruin of Wycoller Hall. The first hall on the site was built by the Hartley family in the 15th century, and it later passed by marriage into the Cunliffe family. The area was a sheep farming and weaving community. As handloom weaving declined, with industrialisation in the nearby towns, so the fortunes of Wycoller fell and many of the estate's tenants had to move out to the towns for work. In 1818, the Hall's last owner, Henry Owen Cunliffe, died with outstanding debts and creditors started to dismantle the Hall and sell off its stone to build mills. By the early 1900s the Hall was in ruins.

It is believed that the hall was the inspiration for 'Ferndean Manor' in Charlotte Brontë's novel 'Jane Eyre'. The village of Haworth, where the Brontës lived, is only a few miles away and Charlotte would have known this area well.

This old fireplace has been rebuilt by the 'Friends of Wycoller' group which works to preserve the area.

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  1. Moss, moss everywhere. It is trying to return Wycoller Hall to nature.


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