Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Going quackers?

Overdosed on culture in the Saltaire Arts Trail? Need a little kitsch to redress the balance? All you had to do was cross the road behind Roberts Park. There was a travelling funfair encamped beside the Shipley Glen Tramway station. Here you could fish for plastic ducks, take a roller-coaster ride, slide down the helter-skelter, smash your friends up on the dodgems, hang on for dear life to a crazy bull (mechanical!) at the rodeo and finally gorge yourself sick on candy floss. All the fun of the fair!


  1. Sometimes it's very pleasant to go back to simple joys!

  2. candy floss, please! Or cotton candy, as we say!

  3. Fun to photograph, not as much fun for me otherwise. I must be getting old!


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