Sunday, 9 June 2013

History Club evening 1

I attended the quarterly meeting of Saltaire History Club, in the Victoria Hall, this week. It's always interesting, both to hear the speakers and to meet local people with similar interests. Many of the keen core members do a great job of researching local history, presenting it and advising enquirers - and there are always people (often folk living abroad, whose family came from here) seeking to find out something about our historic village.

Topics presented at the meeting were:
an architectural sculptor, Abraham Broadbent (1868-1919), who was born and lived in Saltaire, whose work adorns the Cartwright Hall art gallery in Bradford as well as some famous buildings in London like the V&A;
a model industrial village called Marki, near Warsaw in Russian Poland, which was developed in the late 19th century by Bradford industrialists, the Briggs brothers, inspired by Saltaire. They wanted to develop a manufacturing base and a market for their wool cloth in Russia and eastern Europe;
research about World War I soldiers from Saltaire. It's hoped to develop a history trail through the village to commemorate these men.

A fascinating evening - and I was captivated by the late evening sunshine on the carved pillar outside the window.


  1. Fabulous composition, jennyfreckles. Just up my street!

  2. Great shot. It must be a stimulating club to belong to.

  3. I can imagine that it was a nice evening and your picture is just beautiful !

  4. Very interesting news about the Briggs brothers' factory in Poland (Polish Poland but under Russian occupatuin). I visited Saltaire few times, made lots of photographs and now I also have browsed the Internet about Marki - sadly it doesn't look well at present but local authorities are interested in restoring the place.
    I wouldn't have known all this without reading your blog. Thank you :)

    1. That's a really interesting connection :)

  5. This must have been a fabulous evening for you. Everyone interested in local history, but coming at it from many different directions.


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