Saturday, 8 June 2013

Ice-cream colours

For some reason these trees make me think of ice-cream: pistachio and chocolate chip flavours! Aren't they glorious in their spring foliage?  They are growing in a corner of Shipley College gardens, tended by their horticultural students. The local Council have planted several young trees, of a variety similar to the bright green one, around the new(ish) children's playground a few streets away. I think they will look spectacular when they mature.


  1. They are a pretty contrast to each other. I wouldn't have thought of ice cream but now you mention it.

  2. you make me smile! yes , now you said it , I see same flavors!
    Wonderful trees!

  3. haha...before I read what you named those colors I thought 'pistachio and chocolate'...we think alike! YUM!


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