Thursday, 13 June 2013

Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre

Standedge Tunnel and its Visitor Centre are a short walk from the village of Marsden, not far from the rail station. The exhibition centre is housed in an old industrial building, originally thought to have been a warehouse, though recent research suggests it may have been an industrial works. There are display boards, photos and videos telling the story of the tunnel.  The top floor 'Loft Space' is a creative work space for designers and makers, where people can meet up to chat, knit, crochet, sew, weave and spin. There is a small shop selling attractive craft items. Further down, by the tunnel entrance, Tunnel End Cottages, where canal workers used to live, now houses a café.  There's a good children's play area too so it's a nice 'family day out' destination.

(I keep noticing that my photos, very crisp and sharp in my other programmes, look very soft - even blurry - on Blogger.. I hope it's not having another 'phase'! This one looks particularly terrible.)


  1. It is great to see these buildings being reused. Blogger can test one's patience sometimes. My camera and computer are making me mad at the moment. Both not working as well as they should.

  2. Your photos always look pretty good to me - but I'm a bit of a Neanderthal in that department! Can't complain too much - Blogger is free. Isn't great how much there is to see in Britain?! You turn a corner, and there's a little museum or relic of past endeavours; amazing.

  3. What a fine building! I always find that the pics aren't as sharp too - such a disappointment.


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