Monday, 17 June 2013

Wistful wisteria

There are one or two places in Saltaire where wisteria blooms for a brief but glorious spell in the spring. This is perhaps the prettiest. It is in the inner courtyard of the Stables at the bottom of Victoria Road. This was where horses used to be looked after, in the days before motorised transport. Sir Titus Salt himself used to ride over from his home near Halifax to visit his mill. It's quite a long journey on horseback so no doubt he and the horse would have been glad to arrive. I wonder if the wisteria was there then? If so, it would have quite a tale to tell.

The stables and carriage house were converted to garages before being adapted by the late Jonathan Silver for residential use.


  1. That is gorgeous!

    I have a wisteria but my variety smells awful! I'm trying to research how I can make it smell better! ha.

  2. It looks pretty well established, so may have been there in Salt's time. Nice to think so.

  3. It is always beautiful to see flowering!


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