Saturday, 1 February 2014

Rust - again

This was the image I eventually chose for the theme of "Rust".  It's just a bit of fencing alongside the canal but I liked the patterns it has. There's something map-like about it, or perhaps something geological. I like the tension of the random rust pattern superimposed by the regular grid.  It all goes to prove that there are photographs everywhere for those that have eyes to see.... though going out looking specifically for rust did mean that I didn't really 'see' anything else. I might have missed any number of other worthwhile images.

How do you go about taking your pictures - do you wait for a photo to find you or do you go out with a photo in mind?


  1. Excellent, jennyfreckles. This is definitely the best of the ones you showed us.

    I go out with my camera, looking to take a particular kind of photo, but if something else turns up, I adapt. One of the great things about taking photographs is that I look more carefully than when I don't have a camera.

  2. I like it too - and for all the same reasons that you list.
    These things happen whatever is in my mind when I go out with a camera. If I, for example, take a close-up shot of a pleasing texture, I often find myself looking for more similar shots. The first one is usually the best but still I keep doing it!

  3. Some days , I go outside with something already in my mind , and like you , I don't see anything else.But Most of time, I just walk, and let things come to me.
    "If I rest I rust" my grandfather used to say..

  4. This is beautiful. It does look somewhat like a map now that you mention it!

  5. Nice composition! I do a little bit of both, I guess - it depends. Sometimes I like to go out with a photo challenge in mind, but sometimes I just bring the camera along and see what I come across.

  6. Your series of 'Rust' photographs are really inspirational Jenny. When we had our shop selling folk art we had a range of rusted-tin items that women seemed to love... but men hated. They said they had to spend too much time removing rust from various things to want to bring it in the house, hang it up and look at it! I think there is a raw beauty in the rusting process and you have captured it so well in your shots. JJ


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