Monday, 5 May 2014

Cherry blossom

The Japanese have cherry blossom festivals.  Who can blame them?  The pink or white blossom against a blue sky is always an uplifting sight. It tends not to last long. April showers and spring breezes soon dash the petals to the ground, like confetti. I saw a car the other day that had clearly been parked under a blossom tree when it rained. It was covered completely in pink petals, apart from a space on the windscreen that the wipers had cleared. It whizzed past too fast for me to photograph but it actually looked astonishingly pretty, like a carnival float.


  1. Japanese have the festival, but I guess all the rest of the world like very much them !
    it's always magic !

  2. It's been a hard winter and these blossoms are pleasant sight.

  3. Cherry, pear, apple . . . all of the fruit trees put on a gawdy show to greet the spring. I love a winter in Florida, where I can be warm and outside all the time, but one thing I do miss is the appearance of the flowering fruit trees when spring arrives. The neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, where I lived for six years had the most spectacular display of Bartlett pear trees lining the streets. Sigh. (Your photo today is, as always, lovely.)

  4. A beautiful picture! And I'm smiling as I imagine the petal-covered car.

  5. What a gorgeous image. Nature is so beautiful.


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