Saturday, 24 May 2014

Night and day

Despite the drizzle, I ventured down into the old city of Dubrovnik one evening to savour the atmosphere and try a few experimental photos. I had decided at the last minute not to pack a tripod (too bulky and heavy) so relied on bumping up the ISO and bracing myself wherever possible against a wall or something else solid. The end results are not too bad, though the high ISO does make the images rather grainy. This is the old Bell Tower, now enhanced by a digital display though I'm not quite sure what it says! The bell still chimes and you can see the original patinated bronze 'jacks' (men called Maro and Baro) in the Rector's Palace. The ones in the tower now are replicas. The tower, first constructed in 1444, has been restored and rebuilt many times over the years, notably in 1929 after damage by earthquakes.

Hover your mouse over the picture and you can see a daytime view of more or less the same scene - though it does give the impression that the tower shrinks during the day! Something to do with the angle of the camera and the lens I used I think.


  1. Your night photo without a tripod is excellent. I don't notice any graininess in this view. You have steady hands! And, how did you figure out how to do that day-night thing?


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