Friday, 9 May 2014

Ogden green

Spring greens - part of a healthy diet!
When I set off for a walk it was sunny but quite quickly the cloud came over.  It was a pity; it made my photos pretty dull compared to how they could have been. As a compensation, there was hardly any breeze so the reflections were good. This is Ogden Water near Halifax, an old reservoir that's now a nature reserve.

I was reading about 'negative' and 'positive' space in photos and how you need to try to balance them (or not, depending on the feeling you want to create in an image). I think that's what this photo is all about.


  1. The reflect is more than good... it's perfect.

  2. I think this photo is excellent. Sometimes we don't want blue skies and bright light. The sky and water here have some brown or yellow in them, which offer a kind of ominous feeling that adds a bit of tension to an otherwise calm, peaceful setting.


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