Saturday, 3 May 2014

Saltaire World Heritage Weekend

It's that time of year again, when Saltaire celebrates its World Heritage Status and its links to other such places around the world. A weekend of mixed weather saw fewer visitors than usual (as far as I could gauge), which was a pity as there were some interesting things on offer. One of our local historians, Colin Coates, has done a great deal of research into Saltaire's history during WWI, to mark the war's centenary, and some of this was presented in an exhibition. As is now tradition, some of the Saltaire Archives were also on display, including several albums telling the stories of local families.

The poster is displayed here on the railings at the entrance to the church, with the Stables cottages in the background. The poster itself shows a picture of the Almshouses at the top of Victoria Road (see here) taken before the trees had matured. The trees are now so huge they are cutting out light and damaging the buildings' foundations so there is talk as to whether to remove them. It is always sad to see mature trees disappear but in this case they are increasingly problematic. They are not original to Titus Salt's Saltaire either, being planted some time after the village was built.


  1. Thank you mentioning our research into Saltaire during WW1 and providing a link to the research on the village website

  2. It is sad to see trees cut down but if they are damaging the buildings ..........

  3. That's a tough decision. I hope they replace the trees with some that aren't quite as huge.

  4. I loved those Almshouses when I was there! Too bad about the trees though.

  5. Too bad the weather is keeping the attendance down.

    A tough decision about the trees, but sometimes one has to take a long view and accept that removing the old trees is the right thing to do in the long run. If more appropriate trees are planted, or the same trees in a better location, in a few decades all will be beautiful once again.


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