Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Scented blogs

More bluebells... just because....

If only we had blogs that allowed us to share the fragrance of things, as well as the visual beauty..... You would love, as I did, wandering the little woodland pathways, immersed in the delicate, sweet scent of all these flowers. (That's one way of proving they are predominantly native, as the introduced Spanish ones don't have a scent.)

(Think of all the other benefits of scented blogs - I would be able to smell Betsy's baking!) 


  1. Jane Campion is in Cannes for the festival, those flowers make me think of her beautiful movie "Bright star" .. How lovely those flowers are!

  2. I'll try to keep posts about pigs to a minimum then.

  3. My idea of heaven! I've walked in an English bluebell wood twice in my life and hope to do it again.


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